23rd Conference of Parties [COP23] in the 500th Year of Reformation

Protestantism was triggered by the German Roman Catholic Church‘s extortionate indulgence Business Model. However for the rest of Europe Protestantism remained minor to Roman Catholicism. Maybe because money has always been being more seductive than ubiquitous freedom built on individual personal responsibility. Probably the reason why most power houses of today‘s European Community‘s forerunners like the Royal Habsburg emperors felt antagonized by Protestantism. Indeed aristocracy‘s arrangements with the religious center of Rome and all its dioceses promised higher control over people and rules for everyone‘s life. And in many ways it may have been a very successful partnership, especially in laying the groundwork for our civilization’s qualitative growth by building societies‘ human capital stock.

Having developed an enterprise from a standardized parts manufacturer into a Technology Group collaborating with OEMs of practically all sectors involved with electricity from electric heating through the roots of digitalization to photonics and  mechatronic power systems I constantly had to adopt Organization structures in an organic way to meet changing needs. Being a Protestant usually less embossed by more deterministic mindset perceptions, may have helped. But  in the beginning of every change I had to manage I experienced lack of understanding. Because probably 75% of people expect leadership to give out clearer rules of order and jurisdiction not allowing contemporary alignments. How predisposed are Europeans to fearfully accept authority?

Looking at today‘s political trends and new religious rivalries the world doesn‘t seem to have made a lot of progress in dealing with every society member’s self-responsibility. In one of the most crucial issues for our species’ continuance the front runners in Climate Change mitigation Technologies have started from scare driven dogmatic business models of indulgence in the form of Carbon Trade Schemes [CTS] or Feed-in-Tariffs [FIT]. Suggesting that anyone not willing to pay more for so called “Clean Solutions” would be a bad sinner. Unfortunately all such additional funding just allowed technical solutions legitimating continued more of the same practices under an add-on tokenism spirit. But without an Eco-System Change from Linear to Circular Carbon practices, sustainability will continue to be postponed. Great news for businesses offering such tokenisms or CTS! And above and beyond for everyone having been being making a living from the last 50 years practices those add-ons legitimize continuing business as usual.

This is just the 23rd year since Climate Conferences started. For the third time such United Nations Conference of Parties [COP] to Climate Change is accompanied by Exhibitors of Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation courting for business on the one hand side and contributing to financing the event on the other hand side. From exhibiting at COP22 Marrakech myself I can share that negotiating parties’ experts couldn‘t have cared less about exhibitors. Disappointingly even our own politicians only showed interest in the National booth’s hospitality, without even one round of attention to its sovereign’s peer-exhibitors. Working my way up to a relevant ministry’s deputy in charge of Austria’s Climate change mitigation strategy I was advised to keep silent on the superiority of a Carbon Circular Eco-System over today‘s aspirations in add-on tokenisms and premium cost “Carbon-free” Technologies. However not making proper use of terrestrial carbonaceous resources keeps charging the planet’s Carbon Metabolism by linear Carbon Squandering as we just lose what isn’t used effectively.

The commonly widespread perception on Carbon Neutrality for Terrestrial Carbon Use unfortunately ignores Carbon Efficiency aspects. Carbon Neutrality should only be credited to Terrestrial Carbons’ most effective usage. For sure, that will never be burning or letting it rot out of sight! There is little awareness that Terrestrial Carbon always coincides with Hydrogen at almost two times the ratio of crude oil. Nor is there any common knowledge that refining of Hydrocarbons is just platforming lower Hydrogen ratio feedstock to higher Hydrogen potencies. Whereas missing Hydrogen for that is produced from splitting auxiliary water over Carbon getting transformed into fossil CO2 today – while moisture legated Terrestrial Carbon feedstock of higher Hydrogen ratio are burned for Carbon Neutrality? Sounds like a hoax to me! Nevertheless, since COP21 Paris agreements, ineffective Terrestrial Carbon resource incineration practices celebrate ever bigger business opportunities. Now even fossil Low(er) Carbon fuels, get refined at extra Carbon abatement cost for Electrolysis derived Hydrogen supply – while Terrestrial Carbon keeps being squandered in lack of effective use. Can Fijians in Germany trigger a Carbon Neutrality Reformation towards Carbon Efficiency for Equal Opportunities?

2 thoughts on “23rd Conference of Parties [COP23] in the 500th Year of Reformation

  1. I do trust all the concepts you have presented on your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.


    • Thank you for the encouragement! As for the length, you can always click on the Hyperlinks to get more depth to the current content you‘re reading. Otherwise too many people would leave the page when they don‘t see „the end“!


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