Why drill oil for what can be produced from our daily waste?

Average total annual global organic waste accrues about 4billion tonnes of Carbon whereof 40% should remain dedicated to soil replenishment. The remaining 60% could substitute 25% of fossil carbon for refining – this is approximately equivalent to either ⅔ of global crude oil or ⅔ of global coal consumption! (in the example of Carbotopia™ proprietary Carbon Recycling to Acetylene it would even be ¾of crude oil; however crude oil share going into all #plastics is currently contemplated at 8% of global total only!)


Given the merits of Waste Refining, any applications enabling Carbon Storage in matter as well as those allowing repeated Carbon Recycling or longer term replacing energy intensively produced materials by carbon-composites should become priority Carbon Re-Use applications to drive Carbon efficiency up most dynamically.

Therefore Carbotopia™ wants to go from where most advanced waste treatment technology installed stands today beyond purely chemical Carbon Re-Use through introducing its material development derived Physical Carbon Capture by dry thermo- catalytic Methane-splitting. Having spent almost 20 years within nanoCarbon Technology our team has tested all kinds of use for such graphene like Carbon. Although we are convinced that even composite material applications will play a major role in 3D printing of mechanical structures replacing steel one day, we advocate to cannibalize the physical Carbon Capture yield as refining intermediary only in the nearer future. This will bring scales, cost and new application ideas to levels that might change our world someday.

For a World in Carbon Balance visit our web-page!

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