Living in a Digital Carbohydrate World

Digital Technology comprises of two values only: One and Zero. For most people it may deem unbelievable that sequences of different combinations of these just two values can represent practically anything in mathematical models from everyday life matters to scientific case studies. Whereas information density is just a function of frequency. Therefore digital achievements were unlocked by high performance electronics, enabled by capitalizing on the laws of physics. So one of the key sectors therefore have always been being materials.
While electronics so far have exclusively used inorganic materials, Nature builds any tangible life matter on the two elements: Carbon and Water. Imagining all forms of habitats being based just on the variation of potency ratios and versatile combinations of theirs may even deem more extraneous than the physics enabling digital Technologies. Blockchain holds out to provide securest digital identification, but needs to be relativized by the bandwidth (= speed capability) of a transactor in comparison to its hacker! And it clearly is last mile connectivity that matters! You can imagine blockchain securitization as a race between a transactor‘s and a hacker‘s speed of connectivity. Similarly to the possibilities of cloning under the knowledge of DNA, fast enough hackers can clone or even kidnap your blockchain security. To be honest, I feel awkward doing internet-banking from my mountain home where there’s no broadband last mile connectivity yet.
Maybe Nature’s omnipotence will always make digital world look imperfect. Perhaps Nature is neither a perfectly determined system but its organic adaptability will always be superior to any man-made models. So I’m enticed to the following conclusions you may perceive dilettante perhaps: Decomposing end of life matter into its two basic elements of Carbon and Water for reassembly into new forms of Hydrocarbons deems to be a pretty straight forward thing to do. So I‘m not surprised that physical Carbon recovery for reuse delivers the highest efficiency benchmarks, provided the Carbon is reused sensibly. Maybe industries‘ boycott against such reuse is just a strategy to self-preserve interests of continuing by more of the same practices. In particular plastics industry being the most predestined Carbon reuse candidate who today are all owned by petroleum stakeholders.
Unquestionably Carbon is Nature‘s favorite energy storage. And in conjunction with water such stored chemical energy can be most effectively transformed into Hydrogen Energy on demand. When released for energy consumption the water is returned as sole chemically untransformed emission. So in a way life in accord with Nature could get easy after reducing complexity to its two elements only! Does digital work so well because actually following organic Circularity of life from cradle to death into grave and resurrection back to a cradle of new life again? Simply being a binary system!
Molecular Carbon is a material and Carbotopia’s competence in Recovering it stems from the fact that its relevant technology was developed for special materials enabling high performance digital hardware. That actually built Carbotopia team’s 20 years track record in the field of Hydrogen production from Carbon Capture for re-Use from Hydrocarbon gases. Originally it just delivered synthetic diamond heat sinks for laser diode transmitters in fiber-optic networks. They were made by thermo- catalytic Carbon Capture from Acetylene [C2H2] gas. The Hydrogen released by this hydrocarbon disassembly enticed me 10 years ago to file the process as a low-Carbon hydrogen fabrication method from Methane [CH4 -> C+2H2]. It’s a 90% energy efficient transformation allowing a similar amount of emission-free Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electricity as if the Methane was burned. At the same time 40% of the input energy is kept stored in the Carbon. Three years ago we filed its Capture for using it as primary resource for Plastics made from Acetylene. It offers an ideal use for idling Renewable Electricity as transformation energy to smelt carbide. It deems ironic that with the Acetylene output we’re back to the input we originally started the Technology Development from!

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