What are Climate Actionists or Extinction Rebells up to?

Nobel Price winner Jeffrey Sachs calls our epoch the age of Sustainability! Promoting the UN-SDGs as a guidance, I organized the 17 Goals into three levels:

a) an Ethical Level SDG10 by SDG12 for SDG16 through SDG17
b) an Execution Level SDG01 – SDG05 by SDG07 – SDG09 for SDG11
c) the Environmental Level SDG06 by SDG13 for SDG14 & SDG15

SDG10 Reducing Inequalities certainly starts from fairly sharing our planet’s resources requiring
SDG12 Responsible Consumption & Production without squandering leaving enough for all ensuring
SDG16 Peace on Earth supported and maintained through sincere Collaboration among All by
SDG17 Working together for the better!

Socio-Economic – Human Capital aspects:
SDG01 Erradicating Poverty being a consequence from Ethical irregularities and often conjoint with
SDG02 Hunger Abatement undignifying celestial Human Capital perception also burdened by lack of
SDG03 Good Health by deseases, poisonous air or polluted food-chains as well as disdained need of
SDG04 Quality Education for a good future to descendant generations under condition precedent of
SDG05 Gender Equality in terms of authority for a self- determined life and role in a human society

Market Economy Aspects:
SDG07 Affordable Clean (regenerative/revolving) Energy for All enabling soft & hard productivity for
SDG08 Good Jobs and (Qualitative) Economic Growth allowing prefinance and refinancing
SDG09 Innovation and Infrastructure development to safely accommodate societies in
SDG11 Sustanable Cities and Communities furthering most homogeneous distribution of wealth

For a balanced Bio-Sphere:
SDG13 Climate Actions restoring Nature’s two basic most vital Cycles of Carbon and Water ensuring
SDG06 Clean Water supporting Sanitation and Hygene (in support of SDG03) ultimately protecting
SDG14 Life under Water in lakes and oceans and for properly hydrating any
SDG15 Life on Land free from poisonous fumes and phytopharmaca

Modern civilization fought out societal rights of Liberty, Equality (SDG10) and Brotherliness 200 years before the eight Millennium Goals were reinstating them in more detail and twenty years later once again in the 17 SDGs. Most of them as a further guidance for where Liberty starts (SDG4&5) and ends (SDG12,13,14,15) and what Brotherlihood means (SDG1,2,3,6&7)! Hence what’s irritating in nowadays‘ Climate Actionists‘ and Extinction-Rebells‘ upheavals is the lack of specifically claimed values, respects, rights or duties! They don’t seem to know what they are doing, except imitating their new idol from Sweden, meanwhile envied for her publicity by all levels of society.

Protesters of the French Revolution knew exactly what they were fighting for! Climate Action is a SDG, very few people seem to know how to interpret in detail. It entices to justify all sorts of so called „Green Business Models“ not significantly addressing any root-causes of Climate Change to be „Climate Actions“ – such as for example „Decarbonization by Electrolysis-Hydrogen“, preparing the Renaissance of Nuclear Energy. So the company who had been supported in developing electrolysis as a substitute business for fading prospects in its Nuclear Division will ultimately win them all? Is that what protesters want to happen? It definitively will, if they don’t become more specific in what they expect to happen! On the other hand for sure, we won’t need Nuclear if our economic model would be changed from Linear- to Circular- (Grave-to-Cradle) Carbon. Why does nobody call for it?

How fair is it to run a world economy on lavishly squandering the most consummated anthropogenic resource – Carbon? Nature may have its ways to keep its prime building block of life circular via its residue – CO2 within Earth ecosphere’s metabolism! But humanity doesn’t have such capability within a justifiable energy efficiency and shouldn’t try to cure one negligence with another thriftlessness at the expense of Brotherliness.

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