„Life goes on“, it truly does – but more often different from what‘s expected

Science fiction from the 60s-70s have largely come into reality by today and some of the human greatest peaceful challenges achieved outperformed by breathtaking potencies just like nothing. Imagine just the computers men landed on the moon in comparison to today‘s smart phones! Enabling Artificial Intelligence to an extent of raising ethnical questions and desires for regulation. Discussions at a stage of perception far behind reality! As I‘m writing this, the question whether computers should or could feel like humans might not be determinable anymore. My own nephew, working for Sony Laboratories recently demonstrated an audio-learning algorithm that was even patentable! So tell me, what‘s the origin of music! Maybe an origin of ways to express moods and feelings? A thing so far preserved to higher level organism habitats forming societies! So is it good or bad if computers got to learn those roots of our unconscious control of behavior? Maybe that‘s just a hypothetic last question, because if they can, they will whether we want to or not, leaving the question, what might be our next bastion of human uniqueness! And many say, that this was imagination! The thing Albert Einstein actually called the real evidence of intelligence.  

Watching my youngest grandson during his first month I‘m always amazed how intensively he obviously dreams. Just as if he was uploading software or big-data potentially becoming vital for his later perception and interpretations of reality? Definitely he’s accustomed participation in what is going on around him has already been trained for quite a while and only gradually he employs his eyes to complement those preliminary acoustic perceptions with visual impressions. Although we tend to judge everything by externalities we can perceive visually, the importance of acoustic learning seems to prevail in our individual personalities‘ evolution. Just think of the difference in other parties’ perception between what we may be wanting to say versus how we say it! And having had to make my way with a genetic Colombian temper in a German language environment that I grew up in, clearly frightened a lot of people by the way things arrived from this hybridized expression, at people not used to such combination. Hence we‘re all individually different in our ways being our chance to stay above machines also in the future. Nevertheless whoever will be knowledgeable in how to employ faster learning machines will generate the better overall understanding of situations. 

Some people don‘t like to think a lot about what may be good or bad, but just want to feel good. Such reduction however requires some external confirming incentives or directions by standards, benchmarks or trendiness. Most people don‘t want to stick out of a crowd and therefore will be followers of their idols, irrespective how they might have developed their preferences. And the less people do want to know, the more they depend on others‘ suggestions of what to believe. So called influencers therefore take a major responsibility in what they might be promoting. Selfish or above themselves, nobody knows! Scientifically one would expect there had always to be an ideal role model. However, scientists rarely have the profile to take strong stances. Which is natural for their discipline living from falsifying their thesis‘ over and over again and counter prove them with as many anti thesis‘ they could come across. Hence talking to a real scientist may be most inspiring but rarely helps much in understanding reality. Often they use simplifications when trying to reduce total complexity for laymen to understand basic aspects. Politicians very often build their propagandas on such incomprehensive exemplified partial aspects ending up to cause more harm than good. For example in currently en vogue Climate Actionisms! So sometimes society ends up with situations it never would have wanted to imagine! 

For example, when our contemporary post world wars civilization decided to go for direct fossil fuel combustion. Even distillation fractions carry versatile impurities being dirtier than synthetically refined equivalents. Fire may have given mankind power over all other habitats, as it‘s a very destructive power. Perhaps more emotionally predominated species wouldn‘t even dare to use it? Fact is that if we don‘t cease this wasteful practice of destroying valuable resources as Carbon soil nutrients instead of creating value from refining and reusing them, mankind will kill lots of life on earth. Unnecessarily though, but if none of those who’d have power to influence, stood up and united, ubiquitous loss of prosperity will be inevitable. Taking UNIDO‘s motto of „Brands create Prosperity“ for given, Corporate Responsibility of Brands might become tangible. If anyone in a market economy driven world has power over people, it’s brands! They need people to become great and definitely not politicians who increasingly know less and less about what the people they need to vote for them, actually care about. At the moment big brands might still have got their chances to manipulate the game. Most recent election trends however have shown unexpected people power against the establishment employing such manipulative practices. solely aiming for exploitation.

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