Could responsible investors lead into a better world?

Private bankers nowadays in lack of interest rates above inflation sell “products” to former money lenders under disclaimed return expectations to be waived by investors as highly incentivized “agents” who have little to lose should customer expectations not be met. Of course success-rates so far have generally been better than the lottery or casino failing the category of a “product” under ISO standards’ criteria by far. I always remember negotiating a licensing contract with a party claiming pardon in case of being slightly negligent. Come on, we’re all humans and hence subject to fallibility – nobody is perfect! Looking at global financial system and what some of its protagonists have wrested away from me personally I don’t think tolerance is acceptable, particularly when they allocate beneficiation off their windfalls of unbarred confiscation from former owners to themselves. So tendency to increasingly financialize Private Equity Funds accessible to Private Banking customers doesn’t convince me at all. There remains the incoherence between Banks having come into existence for collecting money (increasingly greedily) and entrepreneurs producing returns on money by creating new added value to (an increasingly saturated fearful) society.   

So let me ask whether we do need a new value system going beyond good or bad? Cheating seems vogue and who lies ascends faster in carrier! Camouflage and deceit and inappropriateness of saying the truth in competitive situations? Is that what shapes politics in our nowadays civilization? Everybody has self-perceived needs and jurisdiction must develop rules to balance out evolutive adjustment of individual profits in our quid pro quo economies. The problem is that if the stronger can manage to intimidate his counterpart, the underlying is in emergency mode and not necessarily rational in his decisions anymore leaving so called success to the conqueror. Hence the one who put his money, capacity, passion and/or faith onto even only in part, third party (at least) co-administrated ventures is making himself vulnerable to lose up to all his possessions. On the other hand we complain about lacking entrepreneurial spirit, inauthentic politicians, lack of meaningful Climate Actions, etc. Having a concepts of real innovation opportunity nowadays unfortunately is commonly just perceived foolish. Very few respect the braveness it takes to promote it. Barely nobody is courageous enough to pioneer for it. Everybody wants to become the fastest second only!    

As a consequence nobody has the guts to address comprehensiveness. Digitalization overleaps us taking advantage of our desires and conveniences, deposing us from having to think twice whether we need something or not. With Virtual Reality it will even induce us the feelings we could expect from a purchasing decision. In that respect Artificial Intelligence becomes a multiplier for the “more of the same” paradigm. Once locked into people’s minds it becomes almost impossible to entice for better alternatives. Anything better will be received as an enemy to the perceived good – usually legitimated by overwhelming dissemination. So don’t stick-out of the crowd, swim with the sharks and keep lying? That’s how Diesel Gate was brewed, Euro-Currency enrolled pre-maturely and Climate Change is addressed in dilettantish policies (e.g. E-Fuel, E-mobility as panacea, substitute Natural Gas by synthetic Power-to-Gas, 1001 roofs and still ongoing CO₂-neutrality- hoax, etc.). Quite equally like having brought an airplane without natural state of equilibrium into traffic through using an automatic trim system not even fully backed-up redundantly under negligence to inform pilots about the whole issue. Not to mention the complete absence of any respective trainings nor references in pilot manuals. At one time a federal ministerial department head issued a gag order on me to not further communicate about pre-eminence of #CarbonCircularity over #Decarbonization without any direct reference to Carbon. In particular electrolysis that can only be as #CarbonEfficient as abundant end of lifecycle carbonaceous matter is being reduced to something even better, which of course in no case can be an incineration or natural uncontrolled degradation process. Other leaders from the political scene have started to deliberately ignore me or escape any potential encounter, knowing I might be right but hoping that I would swiftly fail. Christians may have developed the concept of innocent conscience as their code of conduct but feel attacked when flagged a personal delinquency defending themselves against seeing reason. Hence the question remains whether Democracy has run its course? If so we’ll either need an undemocratic regime to peer for a better world or a revolution to give room to meet the real challenges of our times?

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