R20 Austrian World Summit on stepping up Climate Ambition

Austrian chapter of R20 engaged with the preparations for this year’s 3rd annual event started this initiative supported by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Aftermaths of COP21 Paris Agreements. Hence Carbotopia had been involved in the course of the collaboration between R20 and Austrian Chamber of Commerce called the “Post Paris Navigator”, keeping all COP-exhibitors since COP22 up to date in the United Nations’ negotiations. So this year’s event had been marked by 3 significant benchmarks:

  1. The Austrian Federal President, busy with Austrian cabinet crisis carved time out to participate (setting a gesture of priorities);
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger had invited Greta Thunberg to stage and António Guterres did so for New York’s Climate Summit by the UN later in September;
  3. There was a parish fair organized in the front garden of the venue to attract more common people to listen to Arnie and Greta.

Greta Thunberg spoke very serious of a Climate Emergency – picturing how “crisis management” would usually work in every other matter of urgency – very unlikely to include a big party or other elements of “Show-Business”. Last but not least we’re talking about quite a few casualties each year! 70,000 heat-victims across Europe and still 1,000 within Austria. Not to even think of the millions of Africans losing livable circumstances in their home lands. No matter how great a value proposal one could offer to contribute a “Game Changing” improvement to peoples’ life affordable to all and anywhere in this world, Climate Activists’ will generally perceive the messenger as a dreamer potentially spoiling their show built on tangible state of art tokenisms’ selling as do-gooder status symbols in the Northern hemisphere.

Of course, if Climate Change was already at an irreversible stage to still prevent doomsday, it might be acceptable to prioritize partying the remaining time for good life. If however there’s still a chance to beware our descendants from doomsday to happen, Game Changers should at least be given a stage to share new perspectives. There are many examples of deadly ill people who confided in holistic medicine therapies, giving them more hopes and perspectives than palliative treatments. Once accepting to be ill often leads to more openness for any alternatives. Hence strong suspicion arouses that people making a living from so called “Climate Action” do not really think our planet has fever – the story just comes in handy for their “Show Business”. And that also explains their arrogance of holding out that all the solutions necessary were already available off the shelf, just needed to be bought to make their businesses successful.

Listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger personally, I dare to believe his creed in everything doable against air pollution to be done, because it otherwise kills people. And of course most of the air pollution our generation suffered came from dirty energy plants and the ways our societies manage their wastes. Though I doubt Arnie to have a comprehensive holistic anthropogenic Carbon management perception. He just speaks of “Clean Energy”, which from an American perspective is already a lot. However, so called Clean Energies’ dirty side is storage of back-up for on demand availability when the clouds or darkness roles in or the wind may fade.

Nobody speaks about our society’s lavish squandering of excessively consummated natural resources! Of course whatever we don’t use, we lose into the atmosphere, where any kind of waste ends up, polluting it unnecessarily. And what will happen to an ecosystem exploited at a multiple of its regeneration rate? Just look at Nature’s two most vital Cycles of matter – the Water and the Carbon Cycle! Can anyone really pretend everything was perfect even if we accelerated these resource exploitations by increasing standards of living for a still growing world population? Not so sure, who the real dreamers are here!

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