The 22nd United Nations‘- Conference of Parties on Climate Change [COP22]

In the Aftermaths of Donald Trump having won the US presidential elections, there was a lot of uptightness among visitors of the exhibition halls of COP22. I couldn’t have had a better start for Carbotopia’s merits than saying, well, for the rich Climate Change may not matter. But for people like us, living in all the lavishness of this world’s society, not able to afford to go on as usual, it is time to address important issues. And then everybody was flabbergasted when I let my booth’s visitors in on the neglected worth of Carbon contained in ultimate waste residues, either dumped in sumps, poisoning local waters and compromising the atmosphere or incinerated as so called secondary resources at scanty energy yields for merely 10% of the residue’s Carbon replacement value at crude oil price, disposing all the Carbon into the atmosphere as it was a one way pack! Yeah, every tonne of ultimate waste residue, carrying at least 30% Carbon of which Carbotopia could recover 80% allowing 2 liters of crude oil substitution per kg in refining new plastics, paints, alcohols, or other Hydrocarbon products! At recent oil prices that is 150 bucks we just don’t seem to care about, because this world is so rich? Donald Trump might be, but if I ever got a chance to explain this to him, he would probably become Carbotopia’s strongest supporter!

It was a pity, compatriot Arnold Schwarzenegger and his environmental fund partner Leonardo DiCaprio had cancelled their visit to Marrakech after the US presidential election results had come out, fearing the journalist inquisitive demand for their valuation of the new presidency’s environmental policies. Maybe it was due to the organization of security measures, but by segregating the blue conference zone from the green exhibition area might have discouraged also many politicians and journalists following them to visit the innovation zone where we were located. Except for the Africans, who were proud of the event taking place in Morocco, considered the bridge into their continent! For us it had been a first time encounter with this part of the world, as our history with the high tech industries in my former businesses gave us no track record of connections, etc. there. Unfortunately I heard that next year’s COP23 scheduled for Fiji will not be able to accommodate exhibitors at the conference venue so that the exhibition will take place in another part of the world. Apparently Germany has offered Bonn to hold it! But shouldn’t all the experts who discuss solutions for the negotiators to come to joint agreements among politicians, followed by crowds of journalists, NGOs and volunteers going to the COPs see the state of art available and tangibly explained at the exhibition part of the COPs? I would have assumed this to be the purpose of co-locating an exhibition to the conference enticing me to invest in Carbotopia’s participation there. But apparently only very few among the economically dominating country representatives seem to really care!

Soil ligated Carbon deteriorates 100 times faster than it can be restored. Although it has a double digit effect on water and nutrient retention in agriculture everybody just speaks about energy. If the polar bear drifting on his melting ice floe could speak he would tell us, that it’s not just the energy, but the Carbon! The world needs Carbon Efficiency with a priority towards soil Carbon restoration and keeping Carbon stored in matter that nowadays is just mindlessly burned or let rotting. At the Austrian Pavilion at COP22 you could see all the Technologies that could eliminate the burning of Carbon. For heat there are enough alternatives already and where that shouldn’t be sufficient for a few process heat levels, Hydrogen from Carbotopia or Power to Gas Electrolysis could help. Unfortunately the cement industry however will never go for it, as burning Refuse Derived Fuels adds up to 30% to the volume of their product, giving them an extra profit from burning waste logistically managed for them at the expenses of societies.

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