The Race to Excellence

When we look at excellence as performing and undertaking deeds in an exceptionally good way, some people perceive it just competitive. But in a year of Winter Olympics we should also look beyond the one on one out-competing each other at the honorable Olympic idea of being part of one and the same games for all participants! Or have you heard of any athletes opposing against Olympic Games due to fears of losing?

Over the last three decades China has progressed remarkably to a top three global economy player! A country having been used by the world’s leading economy as a manufacturing bench for outsourced productions evolved into the world’s biggest factory helping it to diminish poverty. Today Chinese economy has built the biggest middle income group within itself turning the country into the world’s biggest consumer market. So now, everybody wants to be there and participate.

Most people perceive China difficult to understand though. But the reality is that China is the most predictable country in the world now. Because it just works for its own people’s best interests. Which for a leading Communist Party’s policy shouldn’t be that surprising. The probably most important point is therefore that in China nothing is forbidden that couldn’t potentially turn into a threat to its people. And in contrary to Western societies, corruption starts where someone uses his powers to take advantage over partners or compatriots – in Olympic Games one would call it disqualification!

In the interest of protecting its consumers China recently also rigorously executes on Intellectual Property violations. In an economy that widely depends on e-tailing, brands, patents and copy rights are the only guarantees consumers can rely on. Previous subcontract manufacturers now can also sell internationally via the internet winning all the trade margins for China’s GDP driving qualitative growth of the country. Paired with a lot of freedom to try out new digital solutions China is rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence in a very comprehensive organic way.

Excellence is always built on learning through training the things we like to do. Like a little child, doing a puzzle over and over again or an athlete exercising his discipline under constant feed-back. Looking at deep machine learning, we can see that rebuilding human neuronal networks for image processing works best. So Sony having been a leader in audio visual computer games for years could recently take a lead in it. But besides its laboratories in Paris it also establishes collaborations in the uprising Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong – Macao – Guangdong Bay-Area attracting word’s best talents.

So the race for excellence has already turned into a contest of education-systems. Building Social skills on the basis of culture, stimulate curiosity, mentor individual talents and motivate the self-discipline to go wild on the subjects of individual ambitions able to serve society. Training perception and learning several languages during pre-school age, i.e. by multi-lingual memory with audio functions could do miracles. Building strong characters who will find their own ways, not shy to circumvent regulations without causing damage to others are the profiles needed to succeed.

Exploration is the best head-start towards excellence. Particularly when it comes to using tools alike Artificial Intelligence. It builds skills like climbing up an Archimedes-Spiral instead of keeping abilities frozen by linear exploitation until they become obsolete by the contemporary innovations. It is such a waste of human talents. Like any linear eco-system squanders its resources. If you want to know economies of scale, check out Carbotopia™ Circular Carbon Economy on Twitter or Facebook! A lot of education and innovation seed money could be found in what is blown into air for waste today! The way societies treat waste is equally a measure of the level of their civilization as the investments in their buddings’ education! Both leaving a lot of room to further excellence!

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