Antagonizing ignorance and wastefulness of our society

The conundrum of Taylorism may have brought about the lack of comprehensive perception for what we do and pardoned the ignorance to not even care what’s before and what comes after. Segregating tasks into individual linear straights may have increased short term efficiencies and mechanistic productivities. Having now advanced into Digital Age these are the tasks of computers and robots. But the biggest paradigm change of our world is that accelerated learning rates by ubiquitously available information and its utilization by pervasive computing requires much more of an organic understanding than mechanistic analysis can provide. Unfortunately most of the people in power today lack the qualification of holistically interpreting contexts from all the information digital age provides to all.

An old saying that “information is power” however is still valid. But with abundant information it has rather moved on to “interpretation of information is power”! However, interpretation is under the constant challenge of needing to be updated with the latest data coming in or reflecting actions. So interpretation is something live on the stream and cannot be delivered on time by subordinates anymore. Unfortunately many of the old league in power who are not able or willing to cope with that fail being really authentic enough by themselves. Intimidated by all this new/modern stuff they tend to hang onto the past, good old days and abuse their power to just perpetuate more of the same! Since there may be only 15% of the population capable to proactively cope with the challenges of change such folks can attract democratic majorities! Maybe 25% could be coached to contribute to change, 60% of the developed world’s population are just followers and need to be told what to do. If the developing world wouldn’t be connected, they could even prevail – but they count now and if we don’t care, they leave their countries and come as immigrants to wake us up!

The world is a finite organism and mankind is just a part of it. We have Science and Technology but we will never be able to take ultimate command and control over Nature. In contrary, it seems, where ever we have tried to override the laws of Nature or to scientifically obsolete “Schoepfung”, we have been humiliated. Our planet is round, spins around an axis, circulates around our source of energy in the orbit and has a Trabant circulating us. And among all these circularities we observe shifting angles of moving planes resulting in variations but never leaving closed loops. So why on this Earth should any deterministic linear model be sustainable? The only constant the orbital model provides is persistent change. Denial just leads to accumulation of discrepancies until culminating in a crisis. Because not enough are prepared for the “new” situation. The game change might invalidate “proven” business models and impair expensive assets held by prudent investors administrating the social savings of the working population in developed economies.

In the meantime we throw away presumed worthless and unneeded to out of sight and out of mind. The AWAY however is at least AIR and much too often WATER, leaving the after-use journey from cradle to grave entirely to Nature. The cycles of organic matter in Nature are built on Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, the latter commonly coinciding in the form of Water. Terrestrial Carbon is stored in carbonate minerals, soil organic matter, below ground and above ground biomass and in the form of oxides in the atmosphere in constant circulation propelled by solar energy. But how many people care? Parliamentarians just think it’s complicated, ministerial heads of relevant departments are paranoid to conflict interests of lobbyists calling on them, celebrities find it more sexy to promote moonshot Technologies held out to be easy to apply without spending any second thoughts on total lifecycle implications – hello, anthropogenic “one size fits all” approaches disrespecting Nature! Ignoring priority from the right may work for several passages until the day a crash will happen! – Hey, I’ve been a Technology hero all of my 35 years entrepreneurial life and contributed a lot to today’s digital world’s hardware state of the art. But I confess to always have underestimated the uniqueness of Carbon as a material, chemical energy storage and role in our planets metabolism and multifaceted physical properties from diamond to organic tissue myself.

Having been a sinner I want to spread the lessons learned to enhance Effectiveness of anthropogenic use of Carbon by saying: “Manage Terrestrial CARBON FIRST to make our PLANET GREAT again! We lose in the 2°Carbon Budget all the Carbon we do not re-use.

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