Soaring unemployment just a result of shortfall in real value mobile investments

Whatever it may be today to create an additional new job, which 10 years ago was € 100,000 in Austria, in an already existing factory. Carbotopia™, being a new infrastructure investment would be € 400,000 in Austria, where such employment effect could amortize for the State Budget within 7.5 years if operation’s profits were tax exempted during amortization. Every year Austria’s “Zero Waste” practice still squanders € 45mln worth of Carbon into the atmosphere, whereof 55% are charged to the population via various allocations. The so called recovered energy from this practice requires fresh fossil carbon import of 1mln barrels per year on the one hand side and causes 2 times the Carbon Emissions than Natural Gas would.

Europe’s opportunities to reduce unemployment through investing in reengineering its Carbon Efficiency would therefore be vast and absolutely affordable. Unfortunately various “Green” subsidy programs make really sustainable investments with much higher new employment potentials unattractive for investors. And of course no government can secure jobs to its voters if advocating for wealth or content taxes. Capital nowadays is most mobile and shies away from any dogmatic regimes. Investing is exposing saved money to economic vulnerabilities, uncertainty of tax regimes and effectivity of Human Resource developments.

The best assurance for social welfare will always remain a most attractive investment environment not compromising effectiveness of mobile Capital Expenditures. It is always sad to hear the paeans of praise on the security of Real Estate Property investments, having no perpetuating employment effect like mobile or infrastructure investments do. In many parts of Europe it has become unaffordable for young families to buy their own homes near to their working environment. Of course the furtherance of increasing dependencies of majorities on landlord minorities just fuels lack of trust and jealousy making an economic union unmanageable to common goals, whether within individual countries or the European Union!

Great Britain for example already before the Brexit poll introduced tax-offset for crowd investors encouraging people to manage their own wealth to the benefit of entrepreneurial dynamics. Of course its Alternative Investment Market [ #AIM ] is still the most promising small capitalization market for liquidity in Europe, which keeps it advisable to cooperate with Great Britain on a mutual best effort basis. Maybe some spirit of contest between Europe’s traditionally strongest financing-industry not regulated by the EU can mobilize a more effective investment climate within the European Union. Why not let Britain have a “First Mover” advantage and learn for the still big European Union how to get moving?

Recently I had been confronted with an ASEAN view projecting that Europe might be frozen by 2030! Europe stretched out its hand to Turkey to closer collaborate and should not play the insulted after Brexit but reach both arms to negotiate a most effective collaboration to benefit from the strength Britain has, that nobody else in the European Union has – to make it quite clear that no followers could expect similar terms. Decisions are either good or bad – depending on how all parties involved and concerned stand behind it. So it is up to all of us, how we deal with the fact that a majority of an EU member state expressed not totally unexpectedly its discontent with our common development in general. It will not be to anyone’s advantage if we continue to blame each other, just sit and wait for who will move first or hope and call for a repetition of the referendum in the near term, whether for all of Britain or to entice parts of it away now. We are not yet the Europe of its United Regions but obliged to peace furthering Democracy!

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