Eco-Social Market Economy – anything else but right-extremism

As stated under Eco-social Market Economy the concept was developed by one of Austria’s former (Christian Democratic) Vice Chancellors – 10 years befor Al Gore embarked on it calling for a Marshall Plan. Maybe only few know, that Josef Riegler’s Secretary General, since presidency for the Federal Farmers Association of Austria, years before becoming Vice Chancellor, was later Vice chancellor of Austria, Wilhelm Molterer – today in charge of ESIF, (formerly VP of EIB). As you may have heard, EU President Junker promises a financing model to spur European Economy by Financial Engineering measures.

Continuous Innovation is the most vital increment of Eco-Social Market Economy. How can an economy develop social solidarity without a component of generating new added value? Redistribution of wealth among despair privileged, for whatever reason, can potentiate future prosperity of a society – it’s worth every effort to reduce the disparities among the future generation of a society – but look how Europe did make out on this: Most members feeling incapable of accommodating 1% refugees per year into their population? Of course, a society of greed is clearly a sign for lack of progress due to lavish squandering its Human Capital by not employing it in service of long term effective Infrastructure Innovations.

The prefix Eco clearly stands for keeping balance of progress with the surrounding environment. Actually the best theme one could imagine for economic systems that came from a “build first to clean-up later” paradigm! Here we Austrians are, admired for the 73% Renewable energy ratio, supplying all Eastern and Southern Europe with clean Mountain water, still having so much room for improvement on balancing the economy with ecology! Wouldn’t it be great if really important contemporary economic developments of Emerging Countries could do things right the in the first place of leveraging their material and human resources? Today’s Austria may be small, but in terms of plurality and historic learning experience from the time it had been the predecessor of today’s European Union, the new world could benefit a lot from it.

You name them – Freud, Kant, Schumpeter, Keynes and Marx, all came from Austria! Due to the tradition of Austrian governments to not support progress, they all had to go somewhere else, not to speak of the Human Capital losses through Jewish immigrants due to the Nazi Regime! Chances are, we will experience a similar brain drain enticed by the frustration of historic clientele politics in this country, frustrating young high education Europeans of Austrian, always open for the bigger picture, routs to go to where the opportunities are. Today’s political landscape of Austria being right-extremist? – By no ways, but rebelling against the denial of our real potential! Of course anything else than Nationalist, but which Nation can call the most brilliant historic freethinkers pre-shaping today’s principles of an ideal society to have been its sons other than Austria? Isn’t it a great sign, Austria’s young rebels are proud of this and raise their voices?

With the world’s help to explore the full potential of this cultural heritage of young Austrian scientists able to revolutionize the sector of waste – namely stuff that everybody else gave up on – to develop the next generations’ wealth, you could do an unprecedented contribution to Qualitative Growth of this world! Germany may often be perceived to have the recipe of prosperity – actually, if so, given its lead in the EU the EU would have to be at the global leadership position – trying to be the better Americans, without knowing sufficiently what that means, Germany is just a Nation of VW-CO2 tail gas cheat, exchange rate and interest rate manipulation scandals, etc., taking advantage of anyone up to a superior performance.

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