World Bank calls for U$ 1trl per year Climate Change Mitigation Investment till 2030

Do you believe U$ 15trl will really get invested without tangible return? In our competitive world ruled by greed I’m afraid most of the measures imagined to accrue such volume of Capital Expenditures [CAPEX] will be postponed until we will see the consequences of not doing the right things now undisputedly.


On the other hand we have been able to show ways of aerial Carbon Recycling to substitute new fossil Carbon imports in various usage paths. Fossil Carbon nowadays costs about U$ 0.32/kg. In today’s practice of hydrocarbon or carbohydrate use we just fritter the merits of the Hydrogen content away for discarding the Carbon – packaging the Energy – as if it was a one-way pack. What an incoherence of our greedy society to not perceive the true value of Carbon!

In 2014 the world imported about 9bln tonnes of fossil Carbon and disposed 4.3bln tonnes of renewable Carbon at dubious Carbon Efficiencies. Under diligent soil replenishment strategies about 40% of the later could have been physically captured for re-use to substitute 25% of Paleozoic Carbon import into present time. Improving Carbon Efficiency for power-generation consuming about 40% of all fossil fuels by factor 2 and introducing Carbon-Recycling in Power-to-Gas energy storage configurations the world could save about 70% of its fossil imports representing about U$ 3trl expenditures for Carbon.

Introducing Physical Carbon Capture for Use [ #CCU ] across the board to achieve U$ 2trl Carbon Efficiency savings might cost U$ 10trl CAPEX – with a clear tangible economic return and substantial Climate Change mitigation effect – without requiring to socialize extra cost to civilization. We had the Economica Institute for macro-economic analysis (AT) evaluate economic impacts to local economies from implementing Carbotopia™. Per U$ 1mln invested 0.7 secondary sector direct jobs plus 1.2 tertiary sector indirect and 0.3 local closed loop economy induced, in total therefore 2.2 new jobs would generate most part of the 14% fiscal internal return rate for an eco-social market-economy regime alike Austria’s welfare structure.

The GDP contribution of CCU may be estimated at 3 times the value of saved Paleozoic Carbon imports resulting in a GDP contribution of U$ 600,000 per U$ 1mln invested. One kilogram CCU replacing about 2.1 liters of crude oil puts Carbotopia™ at roughly U$ 18mln per tonne hourly Carbon uptake capacity. In case of MSW one would have to add the content specific off-gas cleaning requirements to the capex of course which may be conservatively estimated equivalent to any measures necessary for incineration although combined gas volumes between the Dual-Fluid decomposition reactors being only about 60% that of an incineration.

#CCU, #JobCreation, #ClimateChangeMitigation, #MSW

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