Facilitating Infrastructure Innovation Implementation

Carbotopia™ shall stand model here for a Confucian style collaboration between ten 10 adopters representing affiliated supply and value adding chains from at least 6 different demographics and the 3 different sectors: municipal – industrial – agricultural; to represent a broad enough spectrum of society. Due to the plurality of specification criteria the goal for output should rather be a platform for a choice of products rather than any single specific product already. So Technology focus is set on enabling a platform capacitating the different users to add further value with state of the art processes of local representatives for such value-chains.

Carbotopia™ core value is Carbon Efficiency and arms’ length market valorization of physically Captured aerial Carbon for fossil substitute Carbon storing applications. Though initial discussions with selected stakeholders from Carbon squandering sectors didn’t seem to convey the opportunity, we try to outreach to the right levels of visionary leaders in ideal partner companies via getting this medium clicked.

We aspire to form a consortium uniting the best available stakeholder from each country’s participating peer sector(s), attracting two best available local brains & post-graduate talents each for delegation into our team for Concept Asset Development and comprehensive specification validation by small scale demonstration of a total system integrating all so far only discretely proven technology modules. For the financing of this pending design finalization we look for sponsorship of Market stakeholder in charge of Extended Producer Responsibility [ #EPR ] handling today for a strategic interest upon the implementation consortium’s capitalization triggered by satisfactory small scale validation in return => Concept Asset.


At full transparency of Concept Asset only, participating consorts will be required to engage financially in an order of 10-15% of then assessed Capital Expenditure requirement for their specific pilot plant which will be set and started up consecutively by the development team under continued co-learning – the first 3 maybe one by one, refinanced upon turn into cash-earn – from the 4th on under leveraged complimentary annuity finance in pairs and triplets. Each plant going into operation will repatriate its post graduate delegates as heads of Technology transfer and onward territorial roll-out Know-How licensing.

Development Expenditure Sponsors as well as 3rd party impact investors following the consorts’ uptake of opted-in shares (under the condition precedent of Concept Asset achievement) may prefer good standing consort companies from market territories of their interest. Carbotopia™ currently faces the challenge that none of these ideal first adopters sense any current pressure to act. They are profitable, enjoy regimes that socialize any “green-cost” overruns and enjoy already a good standing in society. But today will be the yesterday of tomorrow, just like today is yesterday’s tomorrow – if everybody waits until consumers  crowd-up to facilitate Carbotopia™ currently outgunned competitors will overleap today’s leaders.


#squanderingCarbon,  #EPR, #CarbonEfficiency

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