Vienna’s Entrepreneurs’ prospects under Austria’s OECD Chair

Dynamic – World-open – Straightforward were displayed on the wall while waiting for the over 2,000 entrepreneurs and business people from Vienna gathered at Vienna Fairground’s Congress Center 02/15. Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s new face who started office at the age of 27 just 3 years ago only, came to ooze confidence among the shattered business community of Vienna. The city of historical ties between East and West still headquartering over 200 International Corporations has been being suffering from Russian Sanctions and the Ukraine crisis 50% downturns. United Nations Industrial Development Organization seat may bring emerging and developing economies opportunities to town, now a stressed organization that had to suffer from an America First mentality already twenty years ago, with Canada, Australia to follow. Next New Zealand and Great Britain have left and over the last two years France, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania, now followed by Denmark and the Netherlands. Foreign Aid has become unpopular since the Asian and ten years later global financial crisis! Industrial Development should be driven by markets the leavers say. Understandably Greece had to make a very pragmatic decision, neither having the financial means nor a strong enough industrial sector itself to engage further as a contributor. The other renegades of course are comfortably afar from sensing African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Migratory Pressures urging Industrial countries for solidary efforts towards accelerated Industrial Developments in the poorer Southern and Eastern brain drain regions of refugees’ origin.

Austria, most alluring milestone for refugees heading into the EU via the Balkan-route had to perceive the consequences of UNHCR’s curtailed budgets within Sebastian Kurz’s first year in office accompanied by German federalism’s deviousness. Surrounded by the restrictiveness of Bavaria, Czech and Slovak Republic as well as Hungary the former State Secretary for Integration was challenged in his new role being left alone with all of Angela Merkel’s invitees arriving unregistered barely having survived crossing the Aegean Sea. One and half years later reduced numbers of casualties in the Mediterranean Sea clearly prove then taken actions to close the Balkan route, right. Originally controversially criticized and defamed he was brave enough to remain straightforward. Now the same figure head chairs the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) this year! Given Austria’s tradition of a neutral ground for opposing blocks to meet under the host’s mediation for returning to dialogs he doesn’t strive for a lower OECD objective than turning sanctions against Russia into incentives towards Ukraine de-escalation through separating fighting troupes under international observations! To rectify the fatality that economics had gotten abused as weapon, although meant to unite through shared interests. At least that had been the original idea of the European Economic Co-operation (OEEC) after World War 2. The birth of EU as well as later extension into OECD. In times of ambiguities over EU’s future unity that’s a quite legendary goal!

What a ray of hope for me baby boomer to see our minister distance himself from thinking in blocks and to aspire as a millennial the reinstallation of a dialog-culture sharing the principles of solidary support of the weaker. Facing an enormous need for bringing the world back into a balanced Carbon metabolism, capacities like UNIDO might be a key-provider for superordinate coordination of conflicting singular interests between holistic common opportunities. Looking at the kind of bottlenecks Carbotopia™ is being experiencing, an organization like UNIDO mediating, mentoring and advocating for the common interests as well as contributing capacities and experiences in international Technology Transfers could probably help effectuate the eco-system a World in Carbon Balance would require. By bringing together politics and economics across national and continental boundaries to safe annually squandered Carbon worth U$ 2trl.

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