Will Technology be able to make better human beings out of us?

Looking at the most recent fields of progress in Technologies many questions may creep over you as to how dangerous wrongful use of such Technologies could turn out. Recently attending Hong Kong’s first Global Technology Summit we were given insight to Shenzen based Hanson Robotics status quo and future development road-map. There are currently 200 Theme Parks across Asia under planning going to be run on robotics. Beyond that geriatric care-taking starting from nursing Autism and Alzheimer are pursued, followed by civil services job-replacements onward to Artificial Intelligence conversation partners by 2050. Shenzen seeing itself as the global innovation hub for the Internet of Things benefits from its proximity to Hong Kong giving access to global financing and sweet-spot markets. For example Virtual Reality [VR] estimated to U$ 30bln and Augmented Reality [AR] at U$ 120bln by the year 2020; together U$ 150bln!

My son in law recently forwarded me an Economist article titled “China’s social-credit system:” conspiring fictions about abusive “Big-Data” practices – a typical Western misperception of China’s main modernization success factor: “Efficiency is the blood of economy” [Yuan Geng]. On the other side recent acquaintance of Neil Turner, the guy who’s always first to reply to Trump’s tweets and having been identified a computer at current state of Artificial Intelligence has raised concerns, Technology giants to supersede democracies. Reportedly 46% of voters inform themselves via News-Feeds containing not formerly validated suggestive content, nor even necessarily fulfilling legal conditions precedent for advertisements. Honesty is a very exclusive gift and therefor can’t be expected from cheap people! This being the point of departure for future Technology use and applications the challenge is on humans’ discipline to be better people when teaching the Robots.

The good News is that Innovators normally aspire to live prove that “everyone can make a difference” to the better over existing situations and are usually focusing on insufficiently satisfied needs of other people targeted to become their customers. Need finding execution always requires exploring the truth, which with the increase of Big Data manipulations alike Neil Turner’s will have to go back to the principles of Peter Drucker: “Find context of causalities through at least three different sources of information!” – throwing up the question to what extend a society can become entrepreneurial, a condition precedent to innovations – always requiring implementation for tangible added value creation – otherwise it may just be an idea or invention, not necessarily making sense to habitats. China’s State Intellectual Property Office currently submitted to State Council measures to create an attractive open innovation climate able to boost collaborative innovation under fair reliable and Non-Disclosure terms. Transitioning from China’s fast high growth era by having gone on its own to setting out far by going together. What a contrast to the protectionist tendencies of freezing Western economies!

The industrial revolution 4.0 is based on cyber-physical systems by simulating and testing for Artificial Intelligence Designing by programmable logic. Finally this may promise overcoming human weakness of linear problem segregating towards following holistic concepts. If potential threats became evident at the simulation level already, maybe appropriate mitigation strategies could be developed simultaneously. Let’s hope United Nations will adopt parenthood over fostering international collaborations in Artificial Intelligence Innovations. At the moment China’s society seems to have the biggest needs for Robotics and the least threats from it and will therefore faster accumulate experiences than anyone else. Maybe now is the best time for agreed international standards for ethics and Intellectual Property Rights [IPR]

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