A Semiconductor Physics Engineer coming from the Clean Room World on the dump

Carbotopia™ began in Kulim, when exiting High Tech Park after visiting our top 3 customers, Intel, Fuji and Infineon – after a day in Clean-Rooms passing by a huge landfill: fuming, kids all over it steering up things and a water creek alongside – finally the high Tech aficionado having been living in the future all his life bumped on the real level of our civilization!

Recycling initiatives enticing children away from attending school to make money from the dump, situated at a location directly linked with ground water, respiring landfill gas igniting here and there to fire burning plastics and tiers at temperature regimes of dioxin formation or rising in the form of Methane up into Stratosphere to oxidize with Ozone, putting water and CO2 into altitudes it would never get to by itself. Maybe, together with Coriolis forces on such water’s descend a major root cause for Tornados – somewhere else. Yeah, climate is a global player!

Of course money rules this world and apart from some rich countries’ high education philanthropist population who managed to impose bad consciousness to compatriots not willing to pay extra for what is perceived to be clean, the majority of people in this globalized world can’t afford to overpay for waste treatment – above and beyond waste imposed by lifestyle models and industrial standards not invented there but out there for the emerging population’s money for expanding the business. Even UNIDO admits that global industrialization had been being built on the “build now and clean-up later” principle.

Clean-up at whose expense and to whose benefits? Isn’t the slogan the “polluter pays” in emerging economies a bit cynical, where the consumers just were imposed to take on the Western bad habits without alternatives. So Carbotopia™ targets those countries’ consumers to request their intermediaries, namely the big retailers who keep extinguishing local fresh markets under promotion of food and beverage industrialization, to support innovation enabling to manage a modern societies’ waste under value adding concepts, able to cover more than its genuine expenses – like Carbotopia™ can through embarking on the true value of Carbon as a resource.

When we talk resource, we don’t mean secondary resource – we mean re-use of a primary resource across its versatile original scope of primary use and not just energy recovery – which in the case of Carbon is a bad deal in any case, when judged by means of Carbon Efficiency of so called recovered energy. By the way also being the reason why such practice can never pay for its expenses – because it squanders the most used resource amongst all, being Carbon, into atmosphere, where we do need it the least in view of CO2’s Climate effects. I mean, what bills can their contemplation of Carbon Neutrality pay and what value can one expect from so called “Zero Waste”, when it means lavish disposal of a most precious resource, as Carbon is, for scanty energy recoveries at poorest Carbon Efficiencies irrespective of demand. So you lose it if you don’t use it! – but the polluter pays by ways of stealing from the poor to give it to investors, who otherwise would never embark on such a capital expenditure – money walks, nobody talks, perhaps?

If there was any Corporate Social Responsibility out there among stakeholders having been dazzled by all these misperceptions, compromising their direct customers’ purchase power to the detriment of their own retail revenues, Carbotopia™ may offer a great opportunity to take advocacy for their future prosumers!

#CarbonEfficiency, #PolluterPays, #Retailer, #ZeroWaste, #CarbonNeutrality, #Climate

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