International Innovation Mediation – a new discipline for an unrealized need

Semiconductor-, Microsystems- or Photonics- Industry having built the backbone of our digital world may give a layman example for Future already happening at a much earlier time than general perception can follow. For those having, getting or being invited into the opportunity of anticipating an evolving future already present among us, there are great things to be accomplished – mostly by challenging hikes though!

Mediation is usually something needed to communize conflicting habits or unequal conditions precedent, local differences in the needs of societies or potentially mindlessly destructive conflicts of interest which could threaten or burden the noninvolved. Innovation alludes to all these kinds of mediation needs. Let’s take an example, relating to Carbotopia™ core values:

Emerging and Developing Economies need to build e.g. Waste Management Infrastructures almost 10-fold to those existing in Mature Economies. The world market leader in cement currently persuades ASEAN governments to allocate all Municipal Solid Waste to them for a guaranteed period going forward against reducing it to what they call Zero Waste – as long as these regimes socialize enough cost of this work model among their population to make Refuse Derived Fuel cheap enough to increase cement industry’s profits.

On the other hand such governments were part of the 195 countries committing to the COP21 objectives. For that in reality they would need an Innovation for a Waste Valorization. Burdening their population with tariffs, fees, allocation costs and charges at a multiple ratio to their income compared to where these models come from is actually not in the interest of any emerging economy. In contrary, the more purchase power their inhabitants can develop, the better for the prosperity of these countries.

China’s One Belt and Road initiative represents a Marshall Plan for ⅔ of the world population. And as Mr. Sha Zukang, former UN-General Secretary of the Rio-20+ Climate Summit shared with us earlier this year, those Infrastructure Developments could not follow the “More of the Same” build first and clean-up later work model which would make the planet uninhabitable. Further at the HKTDC-Belt & Road Summit Mr. Chen Dongsheng, Chairman & CEO Taikang Lifeinsurance Company Ltd and President of the Chinese Entrepreneur Forum stressed that the planned Infrastructure deployment across the Belt and Road countries must secure Asian’s savings for long term prosperity – meaning that investing into models that could be impaired by superior succeeding solutions would be grossly negligent.

Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim, former senior partner at McKinsey recently  launched SystemiQ  to fix the ways vital systems malfunction to the expense and damaging effects on our society, environment and economy. So Innovation Mediation is perhaps best described as:


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