Meeting COP21 CO2-Goals requires to change our Eco-System – but some do not want to

It’s been being the missing link for much too long! Excessive CO2 in our atmosphere is just a symptom that comes from our current eco-system’s paradigm to use Carbon just as if it was a one-way-package! Carbon?? Yes, I’m shatteringly often asked, what Carbon was and where it came from! Even by young environmentalists engaging in plastic bags’ eradication within waste regimes of retrogressive plastics’ separation for higher calorific values in incineration, discharging all the Carbon into atmosphere – claiming to be considered Zero Waste for producing Energy from “Circular Economy”?!

Our eco-system of the last 50 years has 11-folded global Carbon usage to now representing 57% of all resource consumptions! Discarding all Carbon Content of organic residues or fossil energy carriers after every single utilization as CO₂ into atmosphere takes up 160% of the planet’s metabolism. So why not transition into an eco-system of Carbon Recycling for local closed loop reuse? Burning solid, liquid or gaseous carbonaceous matter destroys our Nature’s most basic building block – Carbon. Together with water delivering Hydrogen and Oxygen, Nature has been being synthesizing all carbohydrates and lipids under delivery of Oxygen by transforming solar into stored energy since eons. Why do we think it’s for busting by burning Carbon into CO2?

When Nature decomposes its synthesis products it releases about 50% of Carbon only into atmosphere and keeps the other 50% as energy stored in general terms. So why, with all the Technologies today we have not yet started to remodel our eco-system to one that doesn’t squander 100% of Carbon we use?

–          heat, except for industrial carbonization processes should no more be a reason to burn Carbon!
             o   for comfort hybrid solar panels, heat-pumps and geothermal could do the job
             o   for heat in an order of critical steam concentrated solar and molten salt storage should do
             o   for even higher temperatures multi-source Hydrogen combustion might be provided
–          transportation transformation to Hydrogen mobility has been hesitantly lagging behind schedules
            o   arguing about infrastructure and supply ramp-up
            o   delaying learning and scaling curves to further exploit consumers for more of the same
            o   demonizing Hydrogen and its storage concepts
–          chemical industry needs can be fully covered by recycled Carbon
            o   either by adopting coal-refining Technologies to Recycled Carbon which is 100% clean, or
            o   by chemical synthesis with free Hydrogen made generally available like e.g. Natural Gas

Carbotopia™ uses Nature’s favorite equilibrium reaction for storing energy by forming Methane from free Hydrogen and Carbon-Oxides to dissociate Carbon from it in a 90% energy efficient catalytic process:

–          if power is needed, a fuel cell can transform Hydrogen to equal electricity as burning the Methane
–          if energy should get stored, the released Hydrogen is used to form more Methane feedstock
–          when excess energy in a grid shall be stored Recycled Carbon doubles electrolysis usage-efficiency
–          separating Hydrogen distributed in Natural Gas grids at off-take yield can be uplifted by 50%

Above U$ 30 per barrel recycling Carbon to reduce fresh crude oil becomes more economic. Like recycling paper reduces the need of fresh trees to be cut and saves cost not having to prepare them. Up to 45% of Carbon turned over today could therefore be recycled at no extra cost to society! However, taking combustibles out of our eco-system is unwanted by some very strong interest groups. If plastic packaging for goods and our utilities of daily use were switched to Recycled Carbon raw-material it still could be done!

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